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S k i l l s

Skills are the outer layer of a character and the tools through which the base attributes effect the world around them.  Skills measure individual effectiveness at a variety of different tasks.   Someone might be a great climber,  but a poor writer.   A great lover,  but a lousy cook.   

They just serve to measure capability and give a sense of footing about your character or others.  Some talents or tasks may require a minimum skill,  some missions or scenarios may recommend skills at certain ranks.    They're also not concrete.   Someone using just pure cooking skill may still lose a cooking contest to someone with a lower cooking skill,  because other skills were utilized in the scenario.  Such as bribery against the judges,  assessing what dish would have the most impact,  or showmanship catering to the crowd if not the judges. 

They are effected by corresponding base attribute which forms a base starting value for the skill.   Every two ranks in the base attribute provides one in the skill.  

There are three tiers of skills,  Combat,  Professional, and Dynamic.   Combat skills are skills that are directly important to combat and are core to any character that doesn't avoid fights.   Professional skills are the general skills that help interact with the world and other characters.   Dynamic skills are all skills that have a wide variety of purposes and are broken down into subskills with the dynamic skill as the overarching backbone that categorizes them all.   Some subskills may have subskills of their own,  in which case points in the main subskill counts as points in up to 3 of the subskill's branches,  and the skill can be taken again separately for other branches of that subskill.  (Example: Knowledge- Deep Science: Chemistry, Biology, and Neurology)

Combat Skills are acquired 2 for 1.  Professional skills are acquired 1 for 2.  Dynamic skills are acquired 1 for 3.   The expenditure does not have to be in teh same skills,  but are broken up throughout the skill category.  (1 point in Dynamic turns into 3 ranks among any dynamic skills, one or multiple)

• Melee Attack (Str):
The effectiveness of melee attacks.
• Range Attack (Prec):
The effectiveness of ranged attacks.
• Command (Cha):
The strength of your command and control over minions, summons, or allies in a fight.

• Block (Str):
The effectiveness of blocking attacks.
• Parry (Dex):
The effectiveness of parrying attacks.
• Prediction (Intu):
Your ability to predict the actions of enemies to an extent,  timing.  Aids in avoiding ranged attacks.

• Resolve (Intu):
Your ability to resist mental manipulation or enchantment.
• Resistance (Will):
Your ability to endure or shrug off physical impairments of the body.
• Reflex (Speed):
Your ability to react quickly to sudden danger and traps.



• Acrobatics (Dex)- Tumbling, balancing, making jumps.
Appraise (Int)- Determining value, and sizing up an individual.
Bluff (Cha)- Lying your way out of problems.
Climbing (Str)- Grip and endurance to scale vertical obstacles.

Diplomacy (Cha)- Talking people down and coming to agreements. 
Disabling Devices (Int)- Disabling traps or machinery. 
Disguise (Int)- Knowing how to make yourself look appropriate for a purpose.
Escape Artist (Dex)- Getting yourself out of restraints or confinement. 

Handle Animal (Cha)- Keeping in control of animals, beasts, or pokemon. 
Healing Arts (Int)- Knowing how to treat injuries or ailments.
Intimidate (Will)- Striking fear into others or making them question their actions.
Leadership (Cha)- Drawing and maintaining a crowd or faction under one banner.

Linguistics (Int)-  Comprehension of languages and codes.  Every three allows an additional known language that makes sense.
Navigation (Int)- Understanding the workings of the sea and sky to safely find your way across the ocean or land.
Perception (Intu)- The sharpness of your awareness to search an area or perceive hidden threats.
Piloting (Dex)- The ability to pilot vehicles effectively.  Starts with one vehicle and every four allows an additional vehicle type (optional).

Riding (Dex)- The ability to manage a mount,  similar to piloting and handle animal combined.  Can be vehicles such as motorbikes as well as horses and so on.   Every four allows an additional mount type (Optional)
Sense Motive (Intu)- The ability to perceive the actions and intent of others,  seeing through lies or disguises. 
Sleight of Hand (Prec)- The ability to conceal objects or swipe them without detection.
Stealth (Intu)- The ability to remain hidden and move undetected.

Survival (Int)- The ability to live off of nature and stay alive in hostile environments in nature.
Swimming (Str)- Swimming ability.


D Y N A M I C 
Creation (Int):  
Creation skills are the skills to craft something.  If you want to produce any sort of product,  it's a creation skill.

  • Blacksmithing, Dialworks, Jury-Rigging, Cybernetics, Ship building, Cooking,  Specialist-

Knowledge skills are the education and understanding of something.  If you want a competent character who is knowledgeable, naturally you'll want Knowledge.

  • Climatology, Local history, Global history, Engineering,  Deep Science-

Profession skills are highly general skills dictating a wide variety of minute details involved with a specific profession, world skills to function in an economy.

  • Librarian, Sailor, Mechanic,  Shopkeeper,  Innkeeper-

Performance skills are skills that directly correspond to your ability to satisfy others in a variety of possible ways and different talents, and how well you put them on display for entertainment.  It is in many ways similar to Profession, but much more focused on single talents while Professions are a variety of little details.

  • Acting, Dancer, Singer,  Musician,  Speaker,  Storyteller-

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