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Post by Administrator Clementine on Sat Mar 04, 2017 11:38 pm

A t t r i b u t e s

Four base stats serve as the foundation of character's fundamental makeup at the core of other elements of the character's behind the scenes workings.
They are the base value that grounds most other things of the site mechanics.   They serve as a measuring stick and a guidebook.  They do not need to be taken to heart when writing or playing and numbers only come into play occasionally for requirements and just to keep in mind a perspective on capability,  no dice are involved when RPing casually.

They start at 0 which functions as the basic minimum of human capability,  0 all across the board being someone who is scrawny, unhealthy, a bit lackwitted, uncharismatic,  and can altogether be described as uninspiring and if they were a color they'd be grey, off-white, or tan.
You can go below 0 into negatives represented by by negative signs -.  You can only go to negative two in character creation,  which is next to disabled.  One is very inept, and three is completely crippled and usually game over.  --- strength for example would mean you are incapable of holding your own weight and are paralyzed.  --- Dexterity would mean a similar state but more spastic as you have no control of your own muscle movements.   --- Intelligence or Charisma both result in a state of mental incapability.  Charisma turns you into a vegetable,  while Intelligence renders you comatose.    

For each negative you gain one positive to place elsewhere,  or turn into 4 power points to spend on something that isn't an attribute.
To add a rank to an attribute,  you spend 4 power points to gain 1 rank.
The maximum rank of any one attribute is equal to your power level +2.   You can only have one stat at +2 which is your focus stat,  and need to select a challenged stat which has a maximum value of -2 to your power level and takes twice the effort to increase.

Every rank can be considered roughly +10% that of the previous rank,  until rank 6 in which each rank can be considered +50% the previous.   At rank 11,  each can be considered +100% the previous.  At rank 21,  each rank is +150% the previous.   Attributes cannot be raised past 5 without a relevant Occupation or abilities,  and cannot go beyond 10 without abilities,  and only active (Temporary) abilities can increase past 15.  Exceptions can be made.

These Primary Stats are:
• Strength (Str):
Strength is a measurement of raw physical power.  It effects the physical force you exert on the world.  Effects lifting, holding, carrying, prying, and pulling.  
• Dexterity (Dex):
Dexterity is a measurement of raw physical finesse.  It effects the ease of manipulating your own body within the world.  Effects acrobatic endeavors,  reactions, and coordination.   
• Intelligence (Int):
Intelligence is a measurement of raw mental power.  It effects the sharpness of your mind how you comprehend the world.  It effects matters of the mind;  Spheres of knowledge,  memory retention and recollection,  and capacity to learn.
• Charisma (Cha):
Charisma is a measurement of raw mental finesse.  It effects the smoothness of your mind that governs action and how you operate within the world.   It effects social endeavors and overall presence.   Speech, manipulation, leadership,  and wit.

These four stats then feed into four more Substats.  Substats are the result of half the corresponding stats, rounding down,  added together.  Max value is equal to the lowest of the two.
• Intuition - Int x Cha
Connecting the dots,  unconscious thought,  good or bad feelings.  Intuition is the basic gut feelings and instinct. 
• Speed - Str x Dex
How fast the character is physically capable of moving themselves,  this stat governs running and sprinting.  
• Precision - Dex x Int
The accuracy one can bring to bare.  Precision governs the character's aim and focus.
• Will - Str x Cha
A similar driving force behind a character,  will is the rough intensity of their willpower and determination.  While anyone may be determined,  high Will is more refined in ways that aren't fully understood.

Lastly,  there is a ninth and tenth stat.
Vitality, and Vigor.

Vitality is the combined total of strength and dexterity, and half your intelligence and charisma rounding down.      It is effectively your health value.
Vigor is the combined total of your intelligence and charisma,  and half your strength and dexterity rounding down.  It is effectively your regeneration.
This total is added to your Power Level, functioning as a bare minimum, to determine the full value.

This is an optional system not necessary in general play.
Every hit you take in a fight becomes damage, which takes away one or more ranks of vitality for every rank the attacker matches or exceeds your defensive values. 
Damage taken is regained at a rate determined by your vigor. 

Everyone with 1 or more vigor regains one point of vitality every 3 posts.  They can only gain a maximum points in a topic equal to their vigor.  By spending vigor equal to your current damage taken,  you can recover 1 additional point when you would naturally recover on the third post.


Intuition, Speed, Precision, Will, Vitality, and Vigor may be raised directly only through the use of special effects and abilities, passive or otherwise,  or certain equipment.
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