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Post by Administrator Clementine on Fri Mar 03, 2017 1:19 pm

Catching Waves's goal is to let everyone to enjoy themselves as they help explore and populate a wide universe open to the imagination with as short of a learning curve as we can.   That said there are rules.  CW-RP recognizes time and effort players put into their characters and creations,  but breaking the rules will carry their penalties.

Different rules have different severity but in general unless you're directly threatening to another member you shouldn't ever have an outright ban without persistent disregard for the rules or basic decency to others.

• Behavior.
Lets set some groundwork on individual behavior,  some no-nos regarding interaction with everybody else.

  • Courtesy:  Catching Waves asks that all members be courteous and considerate of each other.  Everyone else is another sentient person human or otherwise with their own lives to live.  You may have had a bad day but they have their bad days as well.  Whether they be a guest,  a new player asking questions,  or a staff member it's all the same.  This means no insulting others for their inability or accidents,  and certainly no discrimination regardless of the reason.   Anything that might bring someone down is to be avoided as is sensible. We understand that some people take offense at just about anything.  Likewise,  reacting in extremes to supposed offense and dragging things out is just as punishable or more as giving the offense in the first place.
  • Strong Language:  Catching Waves hopes to be a somewhat more mature site,  but over use of strong language crosses a line into outright distastefulness.  The occasional curse is to be expected,  but especially outside of in-character dialogue it may result in a penalty.
  • Baiting:  Flaming/Trolling,  ect.  This falls under courtesy but could do with some singling out.  Intentionally aggravating or "pushing buttons" to heat others up depending on the extent can easily be a major breach of etiquette.   This includes constant and repeated actions that you have been asked, hopefully politely, by another member to stop.  Please regard other's requests with respect,  some people are very uncomfortable with various things be it lewd talk,  certain curse words,  or subjects. Leniency is given to simple idle fun and antics of the chat. 
  • Self Control:  We ask that all members keep a measure of self government,  to keep ones' self in check,  whether you be overly frustrated with something or even a little too hyper.   This also goes for greed,  anger,  lust,  envy,  even pride.  These things are destructive to yourself and those around you.   For example;  You shouldn't be bragging about anything you may have acquired (Beyond basic boisterousness and competition),   and neither should you covet what someone else has.  If someone has something you think is really strong or even unfair to you,  work to achieving those levels yourself rather than trying to drag them down.  That said, two things.  If you think someone is out of bounds,  or something is blatantly overpowered (Considering their power level),  PM a mod who approved it in private and then drop it.  
  • Advertising:  In the chatbox more notably,  we ask that people refrain from advertising products or sites.  There is an advertising section specifically for this purpose.  This isn't too strict however and you shouldn't feel like you're going to be punished just because you wanted to link someone something you made elsewhere or so on.  


• Account.
Now lets talk about accounts.  Certain limitations apply here as otherwise there can be room for certain abuses.

  • Alternate Accounts: Firstly,  you're only permitted one RP character per account (Not considering NPCs),  the account is tied to that character.  It's natural to want to make multiple accounts.  But.  Doing so is limited to prevent an awkward situation where there's a thousand "members" but only ever 2 people online at any given moment it seems.    As such,  you may only create a secondary account when your first account has participated in 10 topics.   A third can only be done after the second has been in 10,  and the first in 25.   Fourth,  Fifth,  and Sixth accounts (Max) have special terms and are only given the go-ahead by staff.   You must apply before hand in the appropriate topic, which confirms your eligibility and gives a convienient list of players and their alts.  You can "Try again" to wipe your account/s or simply create a new alt without this tie by PMing administrator(s).
  • Usernames:  Usernames are an important quick identification and especially with multiple accounts can get a bit messy. Usernames should relate to your character, but this is not an enforced rule, especially for your first account.  Username changes should be done sparingly with reason to do so.
  • Signatures:  This is a point that just gets blown out of proportion on some sites.  This is a roleplaying site,  and signatures sure as oreos shouldn't take up twice as much space as your posts.  Not even half that.  Signatures should be able to fit within a box 300 pixels high and 600 pixels wide, at most.  (Though a literal block shaped signature of that size would be a bit garish, the size gives room for effects and protrusions from the actual bulk of the signature image) 
  • Spoiler:
  • Everyone should ideally have hyperlinked texts in your signature leading to information relevant to your character such as character sheet and equipment / abilities. 
  • Do not use more than one "Signature Image" in your signature (though you can use a rotator service to cycle through what you have).  Smaller images are fine, such as little icons for flavor.   If you want to use music in your signature it cannot be autoplaying and needs to be in a music bar format,  and only one outside of a spoiler.
  • Inside of a spoiler you can include up to 3 more "large" images and 3 more music bars and up to 250 words of text...   I hate how restrictive I sound,  but lets please keep things sensible here.  Every post you make will make others load the contents of your signature.
  • Avatars:  Avatars should be a picture relevant to your character,  ideally a picture of their current body or favored appearance.  However,  a captain of a ship might have a picture of the ship or some symbol representing them like a personal crest.   The size maximum here is 200pwide,  400p long.  You may find avatar shops in the OOC sections or make your own.
  • Face Claims:  It's common for roleplaying sites to use "Face Claims" where you claim a certain character or person as your character's "Face" to use images of them to represent your own.  Catching Waves follows an aesthetic favoring "Anime" imagery but artwork that is clear and vibrant is favored.  You're discouraged from using an image of a real person. 
  • Redoing:  Redoing your account,  scrapping your character and making a new one,  is a hassle over all and is subject to abuse to get around the multiple accounts limitation but also because it might be tied to your only email (Verification).  Redoing your account is only possible if your character was put out of action,  disabled in some way as to make continued roleplaying of them a dull or impossible point.    Redoing a character sets you back in ways subject to individual cases based largely on how and why you're out of action.  Casual tossing the character away especially in manners that don't make sense may make you have to start from scratch,  while planning and working out ways to send them off in interesting and sensible ways can mean you'll get to recycle much of your status, rank, or power as the previous had.

• Staff.
Rules regarding staff interaction...  Easy stuff really as all the above apply,  but a few notes-

  • Requests:  You can ask staff for their services all you like, but be patient and don't pester everybody so much,  especially if you had only just asked recently or only just posted something.  Calling attention to something in the chatbox or PMs is definitely fine,  and can call attention to missed items,  but don't abuse it.  Sometimes one staff may just not feel comfortable taking a specific application but another can do it.   Other times it just takes time to get through lengthy apps.   Staff are encouraged to prioritize efficiency over in-depth analysis, which slows the process down and causes unnecessary friction
  • Staff Power:  No staff is above questioning,  just don't be an ass about it.  If a staff is engaging in questionable behavior be sure to tell them as such or to ask questions on why something is or was done.  Insulting staff is no more punishable than insulting anyone else and no special treatment should be given out.   If you see some things or are having problems with certain staff PM an admin,  or when you fear repercussion talking to a specific staff member about their actions. 
  • Confidentiality:  Things you bring to the attention to certain staff will not be spread either to other staff or to talked about to others, exception being if they forward it to the head admin (Unless it's about said head admin) or founder.  Whether it's something embarrassing or concerns regarding behavior.   This ties into being courteous.   This may have it's grey areas with things that don't seem very confidential or with things that need to be taken to an Administrator when PM'd to a Moderator.    Example:  Suzy Lue PM's Mod JazzHands about concerns regarding negative and abusive behavior of Mod SaltyBucket,  JazzHands is only a Mod and not suited to this matter so he forwards it to Admin Nimue,  Nimue talks with SaltyBucket regarding their behavior,  Suzy Lue is not mentioned.    It's a case by case basis mostly,  but know that we'll try to keep private matters private and not use things in PMs against you in any way-  aside from things like abusive PMs to members,  especially threatening ones that make others feel unsafe.  
  • Service:  Remember,  members and staff alike,  that being staff is a position of service,  not a position of power.   Never let this be forgotten,  staff are not lesser than members either,  just as they are not above members.   They ARE members,  members tasked with providing the services necessary to keep things running smoothly. 

• Gameplay.
Rules regarding the gameplay.  The creation of topics, usage of topics,  usage of game mechanics, timelines, and travel.

  • Designation:  Topics need to be given a designation when created,  a key in the title itself.  [Scenario] [Closed] [Private] [Lethal].   Topics without a designation are considered open and anything-goes within normal rules but are non-lethal.  Scenarios are like private topics, but distinguished as credited.  Closed topics cannot be entered.  Private topics can only be entered by asking the players with majority approval of existing players.  Lethal indicates the intention to kill and can be used for predetermined duels.  Participants of the topic or a Narrator can reclassify a topic.  A non-Narrator cannot reclassify a topic as Lethal,  and topics can't be retroactively made a Scenario.
  • Death:  Players can die at any time in any topic other than non-cannon (though they can die within the non-cannon, it does not effect them outside of the non-cannon),  though can only be deliberately killed by another player in marked threads.   Unfortunately there are no means of resurrection natural in the One Piece universe, so we have the Plot Hole.  Players wishing to revive their character scan invoke the Plot Hole in which they explain how and why their character survived their otherwise fatal end.  Plot Holes can only be done if there was any conceivable means of surviving,  despite having apparently died (Even outright said to have died,  but there was a lack of detail and finality).  Certain pokemon, artifacts, or devil fruits may also potentially allow someone a second chance,  immortality/reincarnation, or a sufficient excuse for escape.   When coming back to life you lose all power points towards your next level,  and may lose up to five power levels depending on how valid the reasons you gave were or not.
  • System: Catching Waves is a casual RP by default,  but we do have stats that define your character and provide a tangible progression throughout your time on the site.  We operate with a base attributes and skills system that form the backbone of your character's mechanics,   followed by the less core equipment and abilities system for use in creating your character's special characteristics and what they carry.  Ranks within various traits are defined with dots,  and measure the general effectiveness at this or that.  They aren't to be taken to heart,  but just provide a guideline,  and OOC can be used to meet requirements for things,  but there usually no dice involved.
  • Scenarios: Scenarios are topics that play more traditionally.  They are driven by a Narrator who commands NPCs and the world around the player characters.  Nothing is certain here and there can definitely be risks and danger to be had depending on the scenario as they involve the dice and exact usage of the M&M mechanics used to build the character.  You can't hack a computer if you know nothing about it,  you can't pilot a vehicle through a dense asteroid field without any piloting skill.  And you are not guaranteed to succeed at whatever you do or to find exactly what you want from a random storage locker.    As a result,  Scenarios are the only way to gain more Power Points and as a result grow your character beyond personality or otherwise within your same starting power points/level.
  • Travel: Characters can't just appear anywhere in the universe, except as reasonable for their first IC post.   Traveling simply requires a topic in the location you are leaving from in which you write containing your means of travel, purpose / intent,  and describe the general start of your journey.  In total this must be at least 200 words per location between you and the location you are going to, based on forum placement and structure.   Traveling to a different Blue or to the Grand Line requires special rules.  Incomplete.
  • Consequences:  Admins and Narrators can enter topics or permit entry of other players into Private or Closed topics if they feel they need to respond to a series of events that needs consequences for actions within the IC.   Major events such as the destruction of an important landmark or similar actions that may effect the site or other players may require the use of a Scenario and not free-play.    This also means you can't go on a killing spree in the middle of a major city and expect to get away with it scott free.  Consequences may be overwhelming,  or merely providing of relevant opposition.  Consequences may also occasionally be beneficial.
  • Power Points: The main driving force of the site is Power Points.  Power Points are gained from Scenarios and achieving 25 power points increases your Power Level each 25 point benchmark.  Any "Free" power points do not add to this total, such as granted Equipment.   This means that if you start at Power Level 5, you have 125 power points.  If you start at 10, you have 250 and so on.   274 power points is still power level 10,  while 275 power points becomes Power Level 11.  You can save power points for when you level up.
  • EVENTS: The exception to power point gain.  Every now and then events can be done which may award certain perks, specific or award power points directly.  Events can vary and be OOC,  Free, or Scenarios.

Limited Time Rules.
These rules are temporary either for targeted patches to issues or more likely for special rules or lack of rules for certain times.  Rules listed here are in effect. 
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